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Publish conference abstracts with Aldus Press

As an open access publisher Aldus Press enables authors, research institutes and scholarly congresses to make their knowledge and insights available to all.

Abstracts & Conferences

Conference abstracts are a published collection of academic papers presented at an academic conference or symposium. Aldus Press offers conference organizers the opportunity to  publish their conference abstracts or proceedings. Many conferences end up with publishing their conference abstracts as printed book or as a CD which both are widely circulated. This restricts the sharing of the ideas and views as presented in the conferences and thus limits benefit of participants. Aldus Press offers to publish abstracts or proceedings for conferences. Conference organizers will benefit from publications distributed widely. Abstracts are published separate, and will be indexed in the conference database of CrossRef.
Whether you are planning a small specialist workshop or organizing the largest international conference, contact us at publishing@alduspress.com.

Interested in submitting a publication proposal for review? Please read our Guide for Authors and then complete the Publication Proposal template.