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Publishing Agreement

I hereby declare that the proposed book consists of all content contribution submitted to Aldus Press, including but not limited to the text, figures, illustrations, art work, and tables.

The author(s) grant to Aldus Press a worldwide, perpetual non-exclusive right and license throughout the world to edit, adapt, translate, reproduce and publish the book in all formats, in all media and by all means (whether now existing or in future devised).

The author(s) keep full copyright of their work and can publish their work elsewhere, without the need for permission from Aldus Press.

This license is valid for the full term of copyright of the book throughout the world. Aldus Press may sell, give away and distribute the book, entirely or in parts, throughout the world and through any platform, intermediary or subsidiary.

The signatory warrants, on behalf of all author(s) and contributors, that:

  • The signatory is authorised by all author(s) to enter into these arrangements.
  • The book is an original work by the author(s) and not copied (in whole or in part) from any other work
  • For all content copyrighted or previously published elsewhere: all necessary permissions have been obtained for use of such content
  • Authors will submit their work according to the guidelines provided by Aldus Press
  • The research described in the book follows national and international standards for medical and scientific ethics, data deposition and reporting
  • The signatory or his/her funding organisation, will pay the required fee of €5,000 ex VAT for publication of the books under the terms and conditions provided by Aldus Press
  • For employees of the United States, Australian, British and Canadian Governments, copyright shall be reserved to the federal government or Crown

Aldus Press shall publish the final version of the book on its website without any barriers to access under the terms of the Creative Commons  license CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0. The author(s) and others must attribute the first publication of the Work by Aldus Press according to the terms of this license.

If Aldus Press notifies the author(s) that it will not be publishing the Work, or if the author(s) chooses to withdraw the Work prior to publication then all licenses granted in this License cease.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On behalf of all authors and contributors I agree to these terms and conditions:

Signature: ____________________________________________________

Name:             ____________________________________________________

Affiliation: ____________________________________________________

Email:  ____________________________________________________


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