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Aldus Press is a new, open access (OA) publisher dedicated to building deeper perspectives in science by enabling scholars, researchers, doctors, artists and engineers everywhere to quickly publish monographs, conference series, doctorate theses and multi-author books.

Named after the celebrated Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, who championed the dissemination of knowledge in its purest form. Aldus Press combines the latest production technology and innovations to publish OA scientific and scholarly knowledge with the same care and attention that Aldus Manutius embodied so many years ago.

Founded by a team of accomplished scholarly publishers, Aldus Press uses a unique blend of  new tools like iThenticate, Peerwith and editorial networks to ensure a trustworthy quality, and innovations in bibliographic registration that help our authors optimise discovery, reach and fee reimbursement. Our transparent and flat-rate book publication charge of only 5,000 Euro endorses our commitment to challenging established publishers.

  • Six month publication promise (after finished manuscripts approved)
  • Flat-rate open access fee of only 5,000 Euro
  • Your works indexed by, and made available on, the leading publishing platforms
  • Works will be published under dual imprint
  • 50 printed, hard bound, copies delivered to your door – for no extra charge


Please review our Guide for Authors, before completing a Publication Proposal.
Once submitted we assess all proposals carefully within two weeks.


Max Haring
Publishing Director Europe

With a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Amsterdam and an accomplished career spanning roles as Executive Editor and Publisher with luminaries like Nature and Amsterdam University Press, Max is perfectly aware of the pressing need for new science to be published and recognised. His role in Aldus Press focuses on helping authors, associations and universities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Lyndsey O’Donnel
Publishing Director, Asia Pacific

From humble beginnings as an Editorial Assistant, her most recent role was Editorial Director for all of XXXXX -Pacific Journals. Now, heading up Aldus Press business and author relations for Asia, Lyndsey represents a highly experienced and connected publisher dedicated to helping our clients achieve the most with their new publications.

Reinbert van der Fluit
Business Development Director, Global

Fluent in Dutch, English and German, Reinbert is a skilled networker, business development expert and publishing innovator. Having worked for nearly 18 years in global academic publishing roles for Elsevier and Peervoice, he is now the primary contact for all societies, universities and research groups looking to extend the reach of their scholarly research by using Aldus Press’s unique publishing system.

Bas Straub

Bas has 25 years of experience working across multiple publishing sectors. After many years leading Elsevier’s regional office for Germany, Austria and Switzerland he founded several companies including Magknowlia, Konvertus and now Aldus Press.  He has always strived to ensure publishing provides the best possible service to scholars everywhere and has always publicly championed the open access model from its first theoretical inception.

Professor Jens Peter Nørgaard MD, DMSc
Chair of the Dr. Frederik Paulsen chair

Department of Urology
University of Ghent

Professor Jens Peter Nørgaard MD, DMSc
Chair of the Dr. Frederik Paulsen chair

Erasmus Medical Center
The Netherlands