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Rapid Production

We publish you book online within a week

It is strange that an article in a biomedical journal can be published within 2 to 3 months whilst a book can easily take upwards of 9 months. We believe that this difference in turn-around-time come is not needed. Anecdotally we have understood and can accept that an author will check his book proofs perhaps a bit more careful than the proofs of a journal article. We however have experienced that with books the whole process is just happening at a more leisurely pace.

Using a more efficient workflow and approach we can publish much faster: under normal circumstances we will have an online proof disseminated within 2 weeks and should have your printed book ready within 6. The limiting factor lies in how long you, as the author, need for author corrections.

Have a look at how we do this……


1. Assesment and metadata

Once we receive the manuscript, we will perform the following actions:

  • Reach out to the endorsers provided and, after assessing their validity, obtain their review statements.
  • Check the structure of the document, assess the quality of the images and, if applicable, copy edit. We will also check metadata. Should your manuscript need language editing we will inform you and provide suggestions.
  • Perform an iThenticate check and, if needed, discuss this with you.

Once this is all done we will move the manuscript into production for Rapid Online Dissemination.

2. Rapid Online Dissemination

Just as you, we want to get your publication disseminated as quickly as possible.  We will produce a Online Proof from the finalised manuscript. Your book will be made available quickly online in both epub and html format.  We will already disseminate through all the regular channels (see ‘distribution‘) The version will be clearly label as ‘advance publication’.

3. Revision

Once we have published the advance proof you will be allowed to make author corrections should you wish so. We will provide you with the final Word-file that we have used for production. Corrections can be made easily in this file. Making changes in this source file is more efficient than compared to traditional corrections which have to be transposed by the type-setting team and then checked for accuracy by you.

The new advance proof will be made available in the same way as the first. Although not desireable you could, in theory, produce an unlimited number of advance proofs.

4. Print-production

Once you sign of on the advance proof the book will be ‘closed’ and we will produce the digital Version of Record. Also we will provide a print-proof in PDF for your review. In this final proof you cannot make any textual (content) changes as the book has been ‘closed’ for corrections. You can however make small esthetical changes in the print lay-out. Think of line-end hyphenations and similar.

The final proof will be used for print-production and will be placed, together with the cover-file, online (full service model only) so readers can download and print a copy at their local copy-shop. In addition readers can purchase printed copies from Aldus Press at a reasonable cost. We will provide you with the agreed number of author copies.