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The team behind Aldus Press has worked with academic societies for many years, and our experience will go a long way towards helping you reach your goals. We will create a special imprint for your society or organization and manage the editing, publishing, and distribution.

In addition, publishing with Aldus will allow you to receive a financial contribution to further the goals of your society. Your publishing program can take flight with our package of benefits:

  • We will create a special book series and imprint for your society.
  • Your books will be fully Open Access with the CC-BY-NC-ND license
  • Copyright on the series title and imprint remains with the society.
  • We offer advice and expert help with meeting Open Access funding requirements.
  • You will have a dedicated society portal where your books are hosted, with easy integration to your website.
  • We provide a print system so that anyone can easily order and distribute print copies.

OPEN PEER REVIEW & endorsement

We believe that the traditional (journal) peer-review model is not ideal for monographs. Reviewing book manuscripts takes a lot of time compared to reviewing journal articles. This makes it very hard to find suitable reviewers. Moreover, as this process is largely a black box, quality control cannot be guaranteed.

Instead, Aldus Press has adopted the OPEN PEER REVIEW & endorsement model. We believe this is the most effective, transparent way to enable readers to validate the quality and relevance of our books. Prior to publication, authors solicit reviews of their work from their peers. Aldus validates the identities of these reviewers using their affiliate email addresses, ORCID iDs, and more. Their names and affiliations (including their ORCID iDs) as well as the reviews are published in the book itself and included in the metadata. Based on the reputations and endorsements of these reviewers, readers will be able to assess the work quickly and accurately.


We have a number of ways to make a society imprint work for your society. The basic idea is that it should cost you no money. We can tailor the program in such a way that it’s optimized for you and your members. This could mean:

  • A full-service model whereby we take everything out of your hands and provide additional services, such as language editing and figure redrawing, and even come to speak about relevant topics at your conference, such as how to write and publish a successful book.
  • A royalty model whereby we pay your society royalties on the proceeds from print sales. You can use this financial surplus to advance the ideals of your society (travel grants, administrative support, and so forth).
  • Since certain scientific areas are not as well funded as others, we have created a cost-efficient online-only model. This will allow your members to publish high-quality monographs without breaking the bank.
  • Reach out to us to discuss the details.


Aldus Press offers conference organizers the opportunity to publish their conference abstracts or proceedings. Conference organizers will benefit from having their publications distributed widely.

Whether you are planning a small specialist workshop or organizing the largest international conference, contact us to see how we can help.