• “Those who cultivate knowledge must be supplied with the books necessary for their purpose; and until this supply is secured I shall not rest.”

    Aldus Manutius

Open the door to global discovery of your academic work

Open Access Book Publishing

Aldus Press is an innovative gold open access publisher committed to helping scholars easily disseminate their work in the form of monographs, conference volumes, textbooks, and multi-author works.

Using the latest production technologies and global distribution platforms, we provide a fast and affordable way to publish books, ensuring the widest possible dissemination, discovery, and impact. Our fully transparent peer review process allows readers to effectively validate the quality and relevance of our books.

Aldus Press is named in honour of the Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, whose innovations greatly advanced the dissemination of knowledge. We hope to revive and rejuvenate his tradition.


Research has shown that publishing Open Access ensures the highest impact for your academic work. Aldus Press wholeheartedly endorses this model, and all of our books are published Open Access with Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

We offer two publication models:

Our full-service model, priced at € 5,000 per book, includes copy-editing as well as 50 printed copies at no extra charge. We also electronically distribute a free print-ready file so that readers can print their own physical copy. Authors will receive royalties on print copies ordered from Aldus Press.

We also offer a more cost-effective online model, priced at € 2,500 per book. In this model, e-books are fully open access, and print copy sales offset the lower Book Publication Charge (BPC).



At Aldus Press, we have developed an open peer review (OPR) process because we believe this is the most transparent, effective way for readers to validate the quality and relevance of our books, which is the primary goal of peer review.

Prior to publication, authors solicit reviews of their work from their peers. Aldus validates the identities of these reviewers. Their names and affiliations (including their ORCID iDs) as well as the reviews are published in the book itself and included in the metadata.

Based on the reputations and endorsements of these reviewers, readers will be able to assess the work quickly and accurately.



With the help of our partners, we have created a suite of tools and services to give your publication the widest possible reach and dissemination.

*Hosting: BiblioLabs, JSTOR, MUSEOpen, OAPEN, and Unglue.it

*Archiving: Clockks and Portico

*Library indexing: We distribute MARC records using OCLC and push notifications to more than 500 academic libraries

*Indexing & cataloging: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ – journals), EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO Knowledge Base, Ex Libris 360, and more



“After twenty years in academic publishing, I saw the need for a fast, affordable publishing model that supports researchers and scientists everywhere. We want to enable every single scholar, scientist, doctor, and engineer to make their research and inventions available to everyone.”

Bas Straub



Submit your manuscript and we’ll do the rest

Aldus Press offers innovation in Open Access Academic Publishing


Founded by a team of accomplished scholarly publishers, Aldus Press combines the tradition of outstanding scholarly publishing with the advantages of today’s latest tools:

  • Peer Review by Endorsement (PRE) the fairest, most open, fastest peer review model available
  • Quick publication timeline (3 months in most cases)
  • Extremely wide dissemination through BiblioLabs, JSTOR, MUSEOpen, OAPEN, and Unglue.it
  • Two competitive publication models:
    1. Our full-service model includes copy-editing and offers authors royalties on print copies sold through Aldus Press
    2. Our cost-effective online model offers Open Access e-book publication and allows us to offset the lower Book Publication Charge (BPC) with print copy sales