• “Those who cultivate knowledge must be supplied with the books necessary for their purpose; and until this supply is secured I shall not rest.”

    Aldus Manutius

The benefits of publishing with Aldus Press

Fast review process

Within 2 weeks we will let you know whether Aldus Press is interested in publishing your work.

Fully Open Access

We publish your book using the CC-BY-NC license. This means that everyone in the world can read it without additional cost. Thus we create the greatest possible readership of your book.

Society Publishing

Aldus Press specializes in publishing books on behalf of societies. If you are part of a learned society and are interested in having a dedicated book-serials click here.

We’ll create a special imprint for your society and books are made available through your societies website.

Published as a serial

It might sound strange publishing a book also as a journal-issue. But it’s quite simple and adds a lot of value:

  • A book has an ISBN. Now by publishing the book also as a single issue in a serial it allows us to distribute your work through journal-platforms like PubMed(Central), Open Science and so forth.
  • There quite a number of OA funding possibility. However, most of them focus on journals. By publish your book as a serial you can apply for funding of your publication charges. We can help you with this.

Worldwide Dissemination

Readers can download through:

  • our own website
  • DOABooks.org
  • ScienceOpen
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon.com
  • and many other applicable sites

In addition readers can order a printed copy, at reasonable cost, through a large number of digital outlets. As an author you can host the book on your personal website or any other outlet of your choice.

Reasonable OA fees

For our fees and how they compare with that of other publishers click here.

Society Publishing

We publish books on behalf of societies. We’ll create an imprint for each society and books are made available through the societies website. More information here.

50 free printed copies

For each book we will print 50 copies and ship them to an address of your choice. If desired, we can also ship copies to individual’s addresses. For this we will only charge Packing & Postage at cost.